12th Australasian Heat and Mass Transfer Conference

Sydney,  8-9 July 2021


Important announcement

Dear colleagues,

We have previously contacted you regarding the 12th Australasian Heat and Mass Transfer Conference, scheduled to be held in Sydney on 8-9 July this year. Some of you have submitted papers for the conference, which have been reviewed, and some have paid registration fees.

Unfortunately, there have been recent outbreaks of COVID-19 in Queensland, Melbourne, and now in Sydney, and travel across state borders is at best uncertain and in some cases restricted. Some universities are severely restricting staff travel.

As we do not wish to hold the conference virtually, the Local Organising Committee has regrettably come to the conclusion that, in the interests of all participants, it is best to postpone the conference until the COVID-19 situation stabilises. At this stage we are planning to hold the conference in the first week of July 2022. That date will be finalised later this year.

We have had a strong response in submitted papers, and most have come back with revisions. If the authors wish, we will hold the papers over until July next year. In those cases, closer to the time we will ask authors if they wish to update their papers. Alternatively, authors may wish to withdraw their papers and perhaps submit them elsewhere. Please let us know what you would like to do in that regard. We will also call for new submissions in the new year, which will be subject to the same process, i.e., abstract submission followed by full papers, which will be reviewed.

A number of delegates have paid the registration fee. We will refund those fees to the credit card which was used to pay the fee if delegates wish. Alternatively, delegates may wish for us to hold their registration fee against the rescheduled conference.  Again, please let us know what you would like to do in that regard.

We regret very much that we have had to come to this conclusion, and we thank you for your interest. We especially thank the members of the Scientific Committee for their hard work in reviewing the papers.

We look forward to the conference next year.

Chengwang Lei
Chair of 12AHMTC
On behalf of the Local Organising Committee



The Australasian Heat and Mass Transfer Conference (AHMTC) series, initiated in 1973, is organised under the auspices of the Australasian Fluid and Thermal Engineering Society (AFTES). It provides a research forum for disseminating new knowledge to the Heat and Mass Transfer research community and for networking and exchanging research ideas. The AHMTC series covers both fundamental and applied topics in broad areas of convection, conduction, radiation, turbulence, multi-phase flow, combustion, drying, heat exchangers, computational and experimental methods, and other significant thermal processes in built environment and in environmental and industrial processes. Specific topics such as urban heat island, pollutant dispersion, natural ventilation, transport processes in reservoirs, lakes, rivers and coastal waters, energy dissipation in hydraulic jumps and scour in rivers etc. are also relevant.

Previous AHMTC conferences were held in
• 1973, Melbourne
• 1977, Sydney
• 1985, Melbourne
• 1989, Christchurch
• 1993, Brisbane
• 1996, Sydney
• 2000, James Cook University, Townsville
• 2005, Curtin University, Perth
• 2011, Monash University, Melbourne
• 2016, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane
• 2018, RMIT University, Melbourne

While the AHMTC is mainly based in Australia and New Zealand, the previous conferences have attracted high-profile international keynote and invited speakers and a significant number of international participants from US, Europe, China, Canada, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore etc.

The 12th AHMTC, to be held on the University of Sydney campus, is jointly organised by the School of Civil Engineering and the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering.

About AFTES:

Founded through Engineers Australia as a technical society, the Australasian Fluid and Thermal Engineering Society aspires to promote professional activities and technical applications in the discipline areas of Heat and Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics within Australasia for general benefit of the community at large. The AFTES is managed by its Executive Committee. The current members of the Executive Committee include Prof. Tilak Chandratilleke of Curtin University, Prof. Wenxian Lin of James Cook University, and Prof. Steven Armfield and Prof. Chengwang Lei of The University of Sydney.